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Car Inspection Sydney

Used Car Inspection Sydney
It is important when buying a second hand car in Sydney to have the car inspected thoroughly. There are some very dodgy car dealers in Sydney and I have actually been ripped off myself by a dodgy car dealer that sold me a car in Parramatta few years ago so I have first hand experience and would always recommend to get a used car inspection in Sydney before ever paying money. In fact I decided to never buy another 2nd hand car after that terrible experience.

I had purchased a car for several thousand dollars and had not got a used car inspection in Sydney for this car. With a registration and insurance this car cost near to $5,000. I was surprised that when I made an offer considerably lower than the asking price the dealer didn’t even bother to try to up my offer.

Always have a car thoroughly Inspected before purchasing in Sydney

Sydney Car Inspection
It wasn’t until a few days later the car had a terrible noise in the axle and it made me wish even more I had got a car inspection now before I had bought the car. I took it to several shops and paid money but each time the problem was not solved. I even asked the original dealer if he could do anything so he sent me to this dodgy repair place. After I left the car there for a few days and paid several hundred more I took the car home. The problem repaired the next day and I called the dodgy car repair place up that worked with the dealership and they basically told me to F off. Then to put the icing on the cake, a couple of days later the car made a horrendous noise and the diff blew out or something, it’s hard to remember now but I know it cost me $1000 to repair this.

Car Inspection Sydney
Then the original noise got worse until it nearly drove me crazy so I sold it to another dealer for $1000 and I was glad to get rid of it. It was a living nightmare, just because I never got a car inspection from this Sydney car dealer. Never trust these sharp talking salesman or even any salesman selling cars in Sydney. Always get a car inspection first before buying a car.

I would also recommend the website that I came across today ( we have no affiliate with) called Carhistory.com.au – They offer inspection reports from $22 that can include Vehicle Identification, Vehicle Valuation, Registration Details, Stolen Vehicle Check, Odometer Reading, Sales listing history and various other reports that could be money well spent.

At the very least, get a warranty or NRMA road check and take someone with you who that is mechanically minded.

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