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Car Detailing – Auto Detailing Services

Car Maintenance December 18, 2012

Detailing your car will make it clean, enjoyable to ride in and it can also make it last longer. When you have the interior and the exterior of your car cleaned, you get to remove dirt and other contaminants that can harm and deteriorate its surface.

Car Detailing

Many people use these services to beautify their cars. Usually, persons and companies who want to present their autos in car showrooms and auto shows can also get this service.

Car detailing occurs alongside washing your

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Do You Need to Maintain a Maintenance-Free Car Battery?

Car Maintenance November 23, 2012

The central organ that keeps our lifeblood flowing is the heart. For a vehicle, its heart is its battery – without it, the car will cease to function. So, if you love your car, you have to ensure that it has a healthy and damage-free battery.

There are so many kinds of car batteries from so many brands. Before, the usual batteries for cars needed to be maintained on a regular basis. One of the most important issues regarding battery maintenance for a regular battery is ensuring that it has enough water. Too little water contributes to car failure and this could also trigger several engine problems. With maintenance-free batteries, this is no longer a huge issue.

The Role of Water

Most regular batteries use antimony alloys which exhaust water more quickly. Maintenance-free batteries, on the other hand, make use of calcium alloys. Calcium alloys can retain

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How to Remove Small Dents and Chips

Car Maintenance November 21, 2012

Dents are a fact of life when you own a car and removing them is actually no problem at all if you know how. Whether, your body work, plastic or aluminium is damaged – here is some advice to repair it.

Flaked Paint

If you have some paint that’s flaked or been scratched off, then you can easily touch up the paint. The first thing to do is to take care of any problems such as rust or dents in the area you are going to care for. Then all you have to do is repair the paint in the manner you wish to.

Pushed in Surface

If the surface of the car has been pushed in but hasn’t been damaged or creased in any way it is often easy to remove this with the help of a plunger. The plumber’s plunger can be attached to the car by moistening the end and then pushing the handle inwards towards the car. When the pressure has been created you can then pull the metal

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