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Do You Need to Maintain a Maintenance-Free Car Battery?

Car Maintenance November 23, 2012

The central organ that keeps our lifeblood flowing is the heart. For a vehicle, its heart is its battery – without it, the car will cease to function. So, if you love your car, you have to ensure that it has a healthy and damage-free battery.

There are so many kinds of car batteries from so many brands. Before, the usual batteries for cars needed to be maintained on a regular basis. One of the most important issues regarding battery maintenance for a regular battery is ensuring that it has enough water. Too little water contributes to car failure and this could also trigger several engine problems. With maintenance-free batteries, this is no longer a huge issue.

The Role of Water

Most regular batteries use antimony alloys which exhaust water more quickly. Maintenance-free batteries, on the other hand, make use of calcium alloys. Calcium alloys can retain

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