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How to Repair a Small Deep Hole on New Car

Car Repair February 19, 2015

How to Repair a Small Deep Hole on New Car.

This is a demonstration on how to easily and quickly repair a deep hole in your new car body paint. I will show you how to sand and clean the area then I will demonstrate how to mask the hole so you can paint it.

Buy the right products as I have shown in the video. These are easily available at Repco or Auto accessories stores.

First, work out which parts of the area you want to repair. Now sand down the area lightly.

Clean and wash the area, then mask it.

Lightly sand the masked area.

Keep washing with clean water.

Don’t take too much paint off.

Once you are satisfied the area is sanded enough completely wash and clean the area.

Now mix your paint, usually this is done by shaking the sealed can for a few minutes. If it is hand paint then use a good quality brush. Paint

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