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Webbers Dodgy Test Cart

Formula 1 April 16, 2011

Red Bull’s Mark Webber really does seem to have been given the worst possible car this year. I can imagine that when new parts come in that Vettels mechanics and engineers get to look over them carefully and select all of the best ones and anything left over goes on the dodgy test cart.

I feel sorry for webber, as much as Vettel is a good driver, it must be hard for Mark to have to deal with what he has being dished up by his team and have to hear all of the applause and cheering for his team mate week after week, while the press and fans are hounding Vettel and it’s all about him, poor Webber is like the stray pet that no one cares about. While he has had the worst possible start to the year Vettel has had the perfect start and everything is made to work for him as it was last year but now it’s even more apparent.

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